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wow. whoever posted this needs to fuck right off. i spent 15 MINUTES!!! sitting there blow drying my shoes like a fucking idiot. everyone was looking at me like i was crazy but i knew this cool life hack, but it didnt even fucking do anything. i just looked like a fucking idiot blowdrying his fucking shoes. fuck you lifehacklable



Everybody should come to FUTURE NIGHT @ Boheme Collectif in Nashville.

Some of the guys from CMO and I have been working on getting a Nashville chip show put together since February and ended up teaming up with Boheme Collectif since they’ve been doing something similar to what we already had in mind and it’s gonna be AWESOME.

Future Night is an experimental art & music showcase featuring progressive bands & interactive art installations held at Boheme Collectif in East Nashville. This is a creative collaboration between makers, musicians & futurephiles and for anyone who enjoys the combination of these things, exciting new forms of media, and experimentation in general.

Linear Downfall
Methdad MEGA BAND(!?)
Brain Lesion (harsh noise from Andrew Morrill)

Art Installations by:
Tyler Blankenship
Zach Adams
Mike Kluge
Hank Pruett
Brains Bailey
Morgan Higby-Flowers

$5. All ages. BYOB. Sept. 27th. Starts at 9pm.


I’m helping run this awesome show and everyone should come to it.

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